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Venture into Moonworld, the crown jewel of Moonstudios. More than just digital art, it’s a narrative of the human spirit—traversing adversity, questing through the cosmos, and seeking lunar answers to earthly challenges. In Moonworld, the line between Real Life and Web 3.0 blurs. As a Phase 1 Moonworld NFT holder, you not only own a piece of this journey but also reap benefits from Moonstudios’ ventures, like MoonMarket. Your investment goes beyond pixels—it fuels real-world solutions and earns you a share in the progress. Join us in writing a cosmic tale of resilience and innovation.

Moonworld is more than just an NFT collection; it’s an ecosystem powered by utility. Our unique approach encompasses the creation of a marketplace teeming with exceptional products and services. Beyond this, we’ve sculpted a groundbreaking model where our community members are invited to serve as marketing and branding ambassadors for Moonworld and its diverse offerings. This initiative doesn’t just amplify our reach but knits together a potent business development network. As projects flourish, the profits cycle back into the Moonworld pool, fortifying its value while also rewarding individual contributors. In essence, every Moonworld NFT is not just a digital asset but a key to a community-driven entrepreneurial universe.

Community is the lifeblood of Moonworld. Our mission is to foster an environment where bonds transcend the digital realm. Through Virtual Chats, Spaces, and tangible meet-ups, we’re bridging the gap between online interactions and real-life connections. Our aspiration isn’t just to create an NFT collection; it’s to cultivate a family bound by shared goals, mutual respect, and a passion for innovation. As we expand, expect an array of engagement events, designed with the intent of not just updating our community, but truly celebrating it. A Moonworld member is never just a holder; they’re a pivotal part of our ever-evolving story.

Art in Moonworld is a narrative – it’s our way of telling tales of human perseverance, cosmic curiosities, and lunar solutions. But our canvas has evolved. Introducing our new art style: “Celestial InkScape”. This unique genre, a blend of Inkpunk with a tinge of Anime and a contemporary twist, is Moonstudios’ signature. It’s an art that’s as distinctive as our vision, ensuring that every piece isn’t just visually enthralling but carries the unmistakable essence of Moonworld. In this artistic revolution, we aren’t just creating; we’re defining a whole new visual lexicon.

The horizon we gaze upon is clear: Sustainability, growth, and unwavering commitment to our community. Moonworld, under the Moonstudios umbrella, is not just an endeavor but a promise. A commitment to crafting products that stand the test of time, giving back to the community that fuels our journey, and ensuring the inherent value of every NFT not only remains intact but flourishes. By intertwining unparalleled utility with holder benefits, we aim to redefine the very essence of digital assets. With Moonworld, we envision a future where art and utility harmoniously coexist, driving value and forging a legacy.

Phase 1

The Genesis Collection – 1111 NFTs, a number symbolic of beginnings and powerful potentials. Our maiden Phase 1 collection, minted on the XRPL, is where our journey began. Each NFT, crafted with our unique “Celestial InkScape” style, encapsulates the saga of human spirit and cosmic exploration. These aren’t just digital assets; they’re a testament to Moonstudios’ commitment to pioneering innovation and inclusivity. A community was born, a bond formed, and as this collection successfully minted out, the foundation for an ambitious future was laid. Within this community, the future promises even more exploration and unforeseen marvels.

Faster and Cheaper Transactions

Environmentally Friendly

Huge potential for NFT's

Faster and Cheaper Transactions

One of the main advantages of using the XRPL for NFTs is faster and cheaper transactions.

Environmentally Friendly

As the popularity of NFTs has grown, so has concern over the environmental impact of their creation and trading.

Huge potential for NFT's

With a robust market cap and high trading volumes, XRP provides a strong foundation for NFT growth.

Our vision is to create a Moonworld that embraces individuals from all backgrounds and origins. Explore our innovative products that will transport you to a new era of digital experiences.

Next Phases

Phase 2

The Evolutionary Leap

In the 4th quarter of 2023, Moon Studios unveils its Phase 2 collection of 1111 NFTs on a new blockchain, possibly Ethereum. Unlike the human depictions of Phase 1, this new collection introduces a unique entity. Building on the success of the previous phase, Phase 2 offers amplified opportunities and retains the essence of the utility token. Community engagement continues to be central, with Moonworld’s Discord connecting both phases. Prepare for new horizons and surprises as we take this evolutionary leap.

Phase 3

The Grand Finale

In the 1st quarter of 2024, Moon Studios presents the concluding chapter of our Moonworld series: Phase 3. Introducing another 1111 NFTs in the “Celestial Inkscape” style, this culmination embodies our vision and dedication. Though details are under wraps, anticipate a roadmap aligning with previous phases, where utility, community, and artistry unite. This final cornerstone in the trilogy may hold surprises, promising an ending as grand as it is unpredictable

Additional Benefits

Alpha Calls

Gain early access to crucial insights with MoonStudios' Alpha Calls, guiding your decisions in the dynamic digital landscape.


Expand, innovate, and impact through MoonStudios' collaborations with creators, investors, and industry leaders.


Enjoy periodic token or NFT distributions with MoonStudios' exclusive airdrops, deepening your connection with our projects.

Knowledge Drop

Equip yourself with MoonStudios' Knowledge Drop, providing essential tools to navigate the complex world of blockchain and NFTs.

Conception and Foundation

February 2023
Conception of Moonworld NFT project.
Establishment of Moonstudios.

Community Building and Pre-launch Activities

March 2023
Opened the Discord server to the public.
Launched the Moon-Studios homepage.

Initial Minting

June 15, 2023
Started minting 1111 moonies at 333 XRP per mint.
Six Weeks After Mint Start:
Minting phase completed.

Reveal and Enhancement

August 2023:
Rework reveal for Moonworld.
Reveal of the Moonstudios homepage.
Introduction of the new roadmap.
Reworked drop mechanics are implemented.


Sneak peek for a free collection.
Release of the marketplace for Moonworld NFTs.
Minting of the freecollection.
Transition to Phase 2 of the project.

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